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What Denim Companies Expect From Japan – Episode #1

What Denim Companies Expect From Japan – Episode #1
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The 1st edition of Denimsandjeans Japan show – #designedinnovation – has been creating a great buzz around the denim community for the last few weeks. Everyone is very excited about witnessing the first denim supply chain show in Japan.

Meantime, the organizers have released excited expectations of global exhibitors from the Japanese denim market who are going to be a part of this show.
Check out below what they are telling us:

Alice Tonello

Marketing and R&D Director , Tonello | Italy

Alice Tonello

The Japanese market has always been a great inspiration for the denim industry, especially in terms of raw selvedge denim.

They have truly mastered the art of weaving and crafting five-pocket jeans, so it’s natural that many denim brands of excellence come right from Japan.

And there’s always an artisan’s approach before machines are used: the dyeing, the cotton, the way the fabrics and garments are finished. This excellence mostly originates from their attention to detail. Something that is embedded in Japanese DNA.

Andrea Venier

Managing Director , Officina +39 | Italy

Andrea Venier

Japanese denim market has been recognized as one of the best in the world for research and tradition. 

For a long time, we are fascinated by their extreme attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship. For us it is a big challenge introducing our Trustainable™ technologies, to show how they could obtain the same final results, without using a pumice stone, PP or chlorine.

Mansoor Bilal

VP Marketing , Research and Innovation, Soorty | Pakistan

Mansoor Bilal

We know that Japanese are famous as a Blue Jean Nation and that Japan itself is a very rich country in its textile weaving and dyeing traditions dated back in centuries. 

Considering our business which caters fast retail market we have noticed Japanese fast fashion brands have grown substantially in the past few years. Being an innovative company we understand the needs of the market. Especially the commitment and innovations it requires for fulfilling its future fast fashion needs.

I believe working for the Japanese market will not only benefit our business turnover but it will boost our product knowledge and expertise too. The numbers seem promising & we are excited to become the top denim supplier for the Japanese brands.

Sandeep H. Golam

Group Operations Director, Armana Group Ltd.| Bangladesh

Sandeep Golam

The Armana Group has a clear understanding of Denim and Denim related products. We look at this market very strategically considering it is a mature market that is constantly growing. This allows us to learn and align ourselves with the ever-evolving sustainable concepts of the denim world.

We look to add some salient features to our 30 years of apparel manufacturing experience and further enhance our capabilities as we rub shoulders with Japanese denim industry experts. Considering Japan and Bangladesh share good relations, we see a positive business growth trend being fostered between both countries.

Our ability to manufacture quality products coupled with the big denim market in Japan has us convinced that The Armana Group is here to stay in the market.


To Be Continued……….

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