rigid denim

When stretch denim first started to become popular in the early 2010’s, we all jumped on the wagon.

A totally new and revolutionary way to do denim. And what a great initiative to make even the most stoic denim nay-sayer try on a pair. And become addicted.

Now ten years have passed, and we’ve lived through stretch, super stretch, 3- 4- 5-way stretches, athleisurewear. If we stretch any more we’re likely to turn into rubber. Next step rubber-jeans. No, thank you.

So, where are we actually going in 2020 (when it comes to denim!)? As with all things, once the circle is complete, the tendency is —– to go back in time. But with a difference: you may be going back to the good old pair of rigid denim jeans, but with a renovated and totally modern update. Translating: we’re taking the denim fabrics from “before” and adapting the styles and fits to the demands of today’s fashion.

But there is that very noteworthy exception: men’s jeans.

While we, the denimhead ladies, are more or less ditching our stretch jeans, guys have become more and more stretch addicted during the last decade. While, when stretch jeans for men first hit the market, we can still remember how they grumbled: I’m not a woman, I don’t do stretch, this is a women thing….

BUT -once we got them into a pair, the reaction was powerful: wow, how come I didn’t know about those before, and, who needs sweatpants now, and, please only stretch jeans from now on….

And according to most of the denim fabric manufacturers out there, like the Denim Expert Ltd., or Artistic Milliners, the prevision for the next two years for men’s fashion denim definitely is stretch and more stretch. But, on the other hand, there will always be the absolute need for the classic rigid denim jeans. For men and for women. Those are eternal.

Let’s have a look what we’re wearing right now and way into 2020:

Classic men’s rigid and selvedge denim: BLUER Denim, 3×1

Fashion men’s rigid and selvedge denim: Naked & Famous, A.P.C.

Fashion men’s stretch denim jeans: 7 For All Mankind, Joe’s Jeans

Re-purposed fashion jeans – recycled vintage: RE/DONE, Triarchy

Classic vintage jeans for men and women: always Lee, Levi’s, and Wrangler, a good source is the renewal line from Urban Outfitters, and you can always find some great vintage at Etsy – just check back there as often as you can

Women’s vintage inspired rigid denim jeans with a “twist”: Still Here

Women’s fashion jeans made with no or very little stretch: AGOLDE. Boyish

And stay tuned for more denim predictions – coming up ASAP!

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