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Alchemy – The Arvind Indigo Museum Debuts At Denimsandjeans Japan

The pioneers of Denim in India and the industry leader for the last three decades Arvind Denim, joins the first edition of the Denimsandjeans Japan Show . They are set to present some of their most unique indigo creations at the show which will also be the very first International installation of the Indigo Museum.

The Arvind Indigo Museum which showcases creative expressions by master craftsmen, contemporary artists, and designers. The objective is to expand the vocabulary of indigo, which is akin to a good pair of jeans which remains classic even as it evolves and matures.

Aboubakar Fofana

Indigo gets its name from the Greek word indikon which means from India. Ancient pigment indigo has miraculous properties and has always been the staple dye for heritage textile and craft traditions. The invention of synthetic dyes in the late 19th century saw its decline.

Bhagyashree Suthar

Alchemy, a precursor to the Arvind Indigo Museum, highlights their collaborative endeavors with this unique dye, along with leading contemporary artists, who were invited to respond to indigo’s history and its characteristic hue. The works on display at the Kasturbhai Lal Bhai Museum, highlight possibilities for the application in stunning and inventive new forms in medias such as wood, metal, ceramics, canvas, and paper.

Sachin Tekade

The Creative Director of Arvind Indigo Art Museum, Vipul Mahadevia, presents this museum at the show on March 4th and 5th.  The museum will be open during exhibition hours on those dates.}

To visit, register on www.japan.denimsandjeans.com or drop an email to  [email protected].

You can read more about the 1st Denimandjeans Japan Show here.

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