coated jeans

Can’t say it often enough and here I am going again. You cannot be too rich, or too skinny, or have too many black jeans!

All I need is a good reason for adding yet another black pair to my denim closet. And found it right here on the BLANKNYC website while checking out what’s new.

The Spartacus The Great Jones (another one of the [blank]’s trademark fun names) is a high waisted skinny jean featuring an exposed button-fly. They are made of a black coated denim. A good option if you are looking for something more special when having a date night out or some cool event.

BLANKNYC still has a 50% sale going on on their site, but they also have a lot of new pre-spring items already available, and those include a lot of very cool jackets and, of course, jeans.

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