skinny jeans

Just so you can’t say I am biased or somewhat “un-objective” when it comes to skinny spandex-like stretch jeans ….here’s Jennifer Lopez in a pair of those for you.

Even though I am totally affirming that jeans like this, glued to your body, AND ripped, AND with holes, definitely belong to last mid-decade, I am aware of the fact that there are lots of you out there who are far from ready to retire them.

Jenny wore a pair of high waisted very stretchy skinny jeans with feathered rips across the thighs and big knee holes. And yeah, she looks absolutely great in them, even though the fit is not really perfect.

If you look closely you will see how the jeans bunch up around the zip-fly which is way too short. I am always pointing out how a too short zipper totally kills the look and fit of any kind of jean, be it skinny or relaxed. Too short zip-flies are a no-no – see image below.

ripped jeans

So, no matter what your preference, whenever you are shopping for a new pair of jeans, check the zipper length, which should be going down to the crotch.

Some very good options for skinny jeans with the perfect length zip-fly and a really great fit are the Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny from Everlane (sustainable), the high waisted skinnies from Triarchy (sustainable and a classic), and the 3×1 skinnies created by one of the denim icons out there.

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