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Top Japanese Companies at Denimsandjeans Japan Show

Top Japanese Companies at Denimsandjeans Japan Show
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For the first time, a number of Japanese denim fabric, garment, and washing companies will be gathered at one place for those of you Japanophiles who cannot get enough of everything Denim+Japan.

Showing faith in the first edition of Denimsandjeans Japan, some of the most important companies in Japan have joined it.

These include famous fabric companies like Kurabo, Kuroki, Nihonmenpu, Showatex, Shinohara, etc. Garment and washing companies include Whoval, Saab, JDS garments and HAP (which is also a technology company).

With over three months to go before the show, even more Japanese companies are expected to join.

Many designers from the US and Europe have the habit of visiting Japan for inspiration at least once a year. And quite a lot of them are denimophiles and cannot get enough of Japan.

For these people to be able to not only meet famous companies but also the visiting Japanese denim brands at one single location, definitely an exciting and very cool opportunity.

And with many other awesome denim companies, talks and activities at the show, the first B2B denim show is a place worth visiting, no question about it.

You can check out the complete list of exhibitors on the Denimsandjeans website: https://www.japan.denimsandjeans.com/exhibitor-list-first, and you can register here.

About – Denimsandjeans has been holding denim exhibitions in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam for over 6 years and now their first edition in Japan is coming up! 

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