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I always love to be ahead of the (denim) game. Not only is this part of my job description, but it’s also something that I enjoy doing anyway, even when I’m “off-the-job”!

I just made the decision this weekend to seriously ditch all the holiday sales and discount shopping – anyway all the presents I haven’t bought up to now, ain’t gonna be bought within the next 48 hours either. Thank you whoever for inventing gift cards!

So now I am again spending my time looking for what’s brand new in the denim world instead. Yeah, and without a heavy price tag, if possible.

Nice to see you again, Articles of Society!

Nordstrom has just included a cool collection of their denims in store and online, and it’s not just that I love their trendy and fashionable jeans, but the fact that their price range is in between $69 and $99 is so very welcome as well!

Flare and bootcut jeans are definitely having their comeback moment again this season. And I was actually looking for a pair that doesn’t have a super high rise like most of the jeans out there seem to feature right now. I don’t think those are very comfy, especially when you have to sit down for a longer period (think stuck-in-traffic UBER car rides).

The Articles of Society Faith Side Stripe Flare Jeans were exactly what I was looking for (and didn’t know before I saw them!). Cute, refreshing with their silky side stripe, and reasonably priced ($88). And let me also mention the fact that the denim is super soft and very comfy, a necessity for indulging in all the Holiday party foods.

And if the side stripe isn’t your thing, AOS also has some pretty cute flares without any embellishments in their current collection. Check them out here.

side stripe jeans
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