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Adriano Goldschmied

Probably the most well known and respected denim professional globally, the Godfather of Denim, Adriano Goldschimed, is one of the biggest names confirmed to join the upcoming Denimsandjeans Japan Show scheduled for March 4th and 5th in Tokyo. 

Adriano Goldschmied, who founded many renowned international denim brands including Diesel, AG Denim, and Mavi, is now a part of Wiser Wash, a laundry based in LA. The 76-year-old denim Veteran has been constantly contributing to make this industry and world a better place. 

In this quest, he is leading a new venture – WISER WASH – which aims to change the way we wash our jeans and the resulting impact on the environment.

Talking to the Denimsandjeans guys in an interview, Adriano states:

“We created a very strong team where I develop new products and research, and I’ve been using my network to promote the business around the world. I am not a salesperson, I promote things which I really believe in.”

Asked about about details and special features of Wiser Wash, Adriano says:

“It is all about a special use of the ozone machine. And I can confirm that in the discoloration process we use only 200 ml of water
, as opposed to others, using Chlorine or potassium, where we’re talking about 15/20 liters of water. The most important thing is that we had a very good response from consumers that love the product which is nicer and more sustainable.”

About the Japanese market, he says:

“For the last few decades, the Japanese market has been leading in the indigo and denim business, blending the indigo Japanese culture and tradition with the American vintage. The result of this is an incredible and unique denim culture that has been inspiring all the time and for sure will continue to do so with the generations to come.

However, global business is changing dramatically in terms of distribution, numbers, innovation, technology, and product development. This obviously has an impact also in Japan and requires that the domestic industry and the brands find new answers. Those answers are coming now also from a different method of work, they are not coming anymore from one of a few brands but from a collaboration with a system where one shares research and technology and brings benefits to all. “

Adriano is going to present a seminar at the show titled “Wiser Wash and designing the jean of the future.”

Explaining the relevance of Wiser Wash from the Japanese perspective, Adriano states:

“In particular, sustainability and circularity are a challenge that is in the hands of all of us. For many different reasons I feel that Japan is a little bit behind in the Eco projects. Therefore my approach of bringing Wiser Wash to Japan is, as a first step, to show the potential of this technology applied to Japanese fabrics and brands. The second step will be to add to the traditional strength of the denim market a new important segment that will be the future for all of us.”

Previously, Denimsandjeans confirmed Stefano Aldighieri, former design director of Levi’s, as a speaker. and now, Adriano Goldschmied. More big names are expected to join the Japan show as speakers and those will be revealed in the beginning of February. 

To visit the show and attend seminars buyers can check out the official website of Denimsandjeans Japan – For more info, or if you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].

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