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Denimsandjeans Vietnam, which will be happening This May, Will Have Many Garment Exporters From Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar

After four successful Vietnam shows, Denimsandjeans announced the dates of the 5th edition last year – May 28th and 29th, 2020, happening at Ho Chi Minh City again. This time the show will enable the global sourcing companies to source from garment exporters of three nations: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, all at the same location.

With Vietnam getting more important after the EU FTA deals and the continued interest of global retailers in sourcing from Cambodia and Myanmar to avail duty concessions, the convenience of having to meet denim/non-denim supply exporters from these  countries at one place makes it lucrative for these companies.

The show will also focus on the increased trend of minimalism and sustainability with its theme, QOQ – Quality Over Quantity.

Increasingly the consumers are thinking of buying less, and look more for quality, and this will definitely impact the supply chain.

Over a period of time, there will be a greater stress on Quality over Quantity and consumers may want to retain and use their apparel longer – and opting to buy more expensive garments.

The theme also has sustainability aspect to it, inspiring the companies to use sustainability more seriously and create products with minimum carbon footprint. The impact on the environment is forcing consumers and suppliers alike to rethink the FAST FASHION trend .

The last edition of the Vietnam show in 2019 already saw quality buyers visiting. And this year the turnout of the overseas buyers (specially European) is expected to be much higher due to recently signed EVFTA and other important developments in Vietnam. Vietnam is the fastest growing apparel exporter in the world and many buyers would seek to take advantage of the country’s strengths.

Amidst the US China trade war, Vietnam emerges as one of the biggest beneficiaries of US orders. Also, due to EVFTA, Europe is looking forward to source tax free garments from Vietnam.

In a nutshell, two biggest buying regions in the world have all the good reasons to explore the potential of Vietnam and that is why the suppliers from different countries have expressed a great interest in the Vietnam show at this time.

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