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6397 Shorty Selvedge Rinse Jeans

It seems like whenever there is talk about selvedge, it always refers to men’s denim. Do brands still think that women are more into fashion denim than guys, that we don’t appreciate some good selvedge as well?!?

It certainly is not easy to find great fitting selvedge jeans for women out there, but, of course, this did by no means defer us from searching…AND finding some really good options. Hello BLUER Denim – do you hear us?!

One of the first places we searched for, was 3×1, known for their made in America selvedge denims. When they first started, they were all about selvedge for women as well as for the guys. I clearly remember (and still own) their very first style which was a raw selvedge denim slim boyfriend style and which until today is my go-to when “I have nothing to wear”! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But no luck, when we searched on their website for selvedge jeans, only 3 men’s styles came up and they’re almost sold out in all sizes. But that’s ok – you can always have a pair custom made just for you.

So then we went to check out Levi’s. And no disappointment there:

vintage jeans
Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1950’s 701ยฎ Women’s Jeans , $198

These are a classic, a must-have for any denimhead lady….and for all vintage jeans lovers.

And just curious – whenever we found some cool selvedge jeans for women, most of them were only available in very few sizes, like the ones from Chimala. Does that not confirm our point that there just isn’t enough selvedge denim out there for us…

women's selvedge jeans
Chimala Distressed-cuff tapered jeans, $294

Fashionable, and less rigid, with just a tiny amount of stretch – Madewell offers selvedge jeans in regular and tall sizes.

high waisted selvedge jeans
Madewell Classic Straight Jeans – Selvedge Edition, $148

GAP’s cigarette selvedge jeans are very trendy and super soft, and they are on sale right now.

selvedge cigarette jeans
GAP High Rise Selvedge Cigarette Jeans, $114 – 50% of with promo code MORE

For the fashionista – Australian brand, Nobody Denim, has you covered in high waisted wide leg black selvedge jeans including contrasting stripes on the side of the legs.

wide leg selvedge jeans
Nobody Denim Selvedge Wide-Leg Jeans, on sale for $224

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