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Jennifer Lopez – Jenny from the Block – is like popping up everywhere, movies, ad-campaigns… we barely finished reading about JLo’s ad campaign with Versace the other day, when her name came up again. And this time for icon brand, GUESS?. Way to go, Jenny!

“This Spring 2020, GUESS?, Inc. is proud to welcome back actress, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and fashion icon, Jennifer Lopez, as the face of GUESS and Marciano worldwide in the Spring 2020 advertising campaign.

The campaign, art directed by Paul Marciano, Chief Creative Officer for GUESS?, Inc., and shot through the lens of photographer Tatiana Gerusova in Santa Monica, CA, showcases a striking collection of images highlighting Jennifer’s beauty.

The series of both saturated and black and white imagery embody a classic Hollywood lifestyle with tousled hair and confident poses juxtaposed against California’s serene palm trees and beaches in the background. “I am thrilled to welcome Jennifer back for a second campaign with GUESS and Marciano. Jennifer continues to push boundaries in the music, fashion and film industries and represents everything a GUESS Girl is – confident, sensual and adventurous.

This campaign shines a spotlight on Jennifer’s natural beauty and showcases exactly why she is celebrated as a true icon.” – Paul Marciano “Whenever I do a collaboration, I always think of a character that I can play and be and we had a lot of fun doing that with this campaign. The vibe this time was a mix between an Italian film star from the 60’s, mixed with Madonna from the 80’s, mixed with Sofia Loren. It’s so much fun to get into the character and to make that happen.

The clothes and setting of the shoot really worked well together to make this campaign come to life.” – Jennifer Lopez”

Well, it’s going to be a bit of a wait for that awesome spring collection to be available, but we promise, it’s going to be so worth waiting for! After all, that mix of JLo x Madonna x Sofia Loren is definitely going to be a thing!

Meantime you can shop for the current GUESS? collection on their website.

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