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Over 49 Global Companies Join Denimsandjeans Japan Show

Over 49 Global Companies Join Denimsandjeans Japan Show

Over 49 companies from Japan and from around the world will be joining the 1st edition of Denimsandjeans Japan. The list includes almost all major denim suppliers from Japan and a number of them from twelve different countries including Italy, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh among others.

The major number of participants is from Japan. There will be eleven companies including Kurabo, Kuroki, Collect-Japan Blue Co, Nihon Menpu, SAAB, Showa, and Sinhohara Textile . They will be representing the Japanese Denim Industry at the show. A great experience for the global audience expected at the show.

China is another major participant with eight companies including Advance Denim, Foison, Lucky Textile, and Foshan Huafeng.

China is also one of the biggest denim exporters to Japan. This past year, China has exported approximately 82 million jeans. Apart from that, Japan also exported 37% of its denim fabric to China only. The jeans imported by Japan total about 180 million pieces from around the world.

Bangladesh is the second biggest jeans exporter to Japan. Last year Bangladesh’s share in the total jeans import of Japan was about 18% with a significant increase at the end of the year.

At the Japan show, three big garment vendors from Bangladesh – Denimach (Armana Group), M&J Group, and Noize Jeans will be exhibiting their new collections for the Spring/Summer 2021 season. Pioneer denim, one of the fastest growing fabric manufacturers from Bangladesh, is also going to bring its innovation and new sustainable developments to the Japan show.

Big denim giants from Pakistan including Artistic Milliners, Artistic Fabric and Garments, Artistic Denim Mill, Artistic Fabric and Garment(AGI Denim), Soorty, Kassim Denim, and Indigo Textile. They have been supplying some of the most niche denim brands/retailers including Levis, H&M, Tesco, Inditex, C&A, PVH, GAP, and Li Fung, all of which will be presenting their latest fabric/garment collection as well.

Apart from Fabric and Garments, the show will have some of the leading Chemical Manufacturers, Accessories Suppliers, Washing Laundries, Fiber Producers, and Technology Providers at the show. The list includes Officina+39, Archroma, Ribbontex, Elasten, Jeanologia, VAV, Tonello, and YilmakMakina.

Adriano Goldschimied is going to launch Wiser Wash in Japan at the show and Luigi Lovato (Elleti Group) will present green copies of four vintage garments from the M.O.D.E and will replicate them also with wiser wash for which they have signed a license for Europe and Tunisia.

You can check out the completer exhibitor list here.

A special indigo museum by Arvind and a small museum of 100 years old vintage garments by Elleti will be set up at the show, which is going to be a first time experience for the Japanese visitors.   

The entry in the show is by invitation only. However buyers can register on the spot as well. But in order to save time, buyers can also register online at https://www.japan.denimsandjeans.com/visitor-register. For any queries, please e-mail [email protected]

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