denim lookbook

As we have come to expect from New York cult brand, R13, their spring and summer 2020 collection is outrageous, fun, different, and very much outside-of-the-box.

The perfect collection for those of us who are looking for something more than just trendy and fashionable clothing. Those of who literally want to call attention – dress to impress. But of course, if you don’t feel like standing out too much, you can always “tone down” and just wear one of their items and pair it with something more basic!

About the collection:

For Spring/Summer 2020, Chris Leba’s – designer of the brand – fascination of the “other America” continues as he explores the mood and attitude of the kids at the skate park near his home on this daily commute to and from the R13 office. The challenge was how to express such a familiar and beloved archetype in a new and exciting way without losing its irreverent essence. To this end, Leba played with mixing and combining different iconic patterns such as zebra, leopard, and flames in bright colors, and contrasting it against classic menswear suiting.

The mix of high and low remains the language that Leba uses to express the aesthetic of R13 as he pairs proper men’s tailoring made by Hickey Freeman and Southwick, two of the oldest makers of men’s suiting still operating in America, with a variety of reimagined iconic American classics in surplus and denim styles, skater shorts and platform skate sneakers. Shoesstrings as belts (a staple among the skate kids), tipped gym socks, bucket hats in unexpected patterns, laced trimmed boxers and frayed lining peeking through the hems of shorts serve as finishing touches to each look.

At the root of the collection, Leba’s love for timeless and iconic American sportswear is alive and well, and, upon careful inspection, can be seen throughout.

The spring/summer 2020 collection is yet another chapter in Leba’s quest to represent and promote New York and American Fashion on the international stage. 

You can shop for R13 men’s clothing at SSENSE and at Neiman Marcus, and for women’s also at SSENSE, at Shopbop.    

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