Most of us female denimheads will often be seen wearing men’s jeans. Why is that? I mean with all the billions of women’s jeans out there, why do we opt for men’s? The answer is quite simple: because many of us are not into fashion denim.

What exactly is fashion denim? Well, for the last decade it has been the skinny stretchy spandex-like jeans. Super sexy, top trendy, and we have nothing bad to say about those. Just that for a real denimhead jeans are never whatever fashion dictates.

Jeans for us are the same as they originally were: rigid denim, either raw or even distressed, but preferably in a very authentic vintage wash. The kind of wash that only looks authentic when the jeans have actually been well loved and worn over years.

Now, coming back to the issue here. The reason why we often prefer to wear men’s jeans is because those are most of the time in a) an original vintage fit, b) made of heavier (at least 12 oz) non-stretch denim, and c) because they are in the original denim fit. Meaning: neither super sky high waisted, nor too tapered at the ankles. Just a “plain” straight leg in a comfortable mid-rise.

But, unfortunately, there are problems with the fit for us, of course. Men’s jeans are not made for the female body which translates into loose at the waist, but snug at the upper legs.

We thought it was quite interesting how Bluer Denim solves the dilemma – read on for a bit of small talk (fun!) and then read all about women wearing men’s jeans and how to solve the problems on the BLUER Denim blog site.

The Bluer Denim emails are mostly written by our head of marketing, Melissa. She sits at her desk and drinks one La Croix (or three), usually on a Saturday, and then writes about things that pop into her head. Today’s things include Mick Jagger, jelly beans, beagle puppies and Cheap Trick.

Usually she writes wearing her men’s Classic Straight Bluer jeans. Today (as she writes in third person), she’s also wearing a t-shirt that says Bluer Denim. It’s day three of wearing her Bluer Denim. This week, she’s worn them on a photo shoot, and to meet Rogier for oat milk lattes where they discussed hemp fiber, and then, later, when she watches “Peaky Blinders” on Netflix.

selvedge jeans

She did do a bit of alteration on her jeans, including making the waistband smaller, and hemming the bottom so they fit her 5’6” frame.

Now, her men’s jeans are part of her weekly uniform. They get worn to work, worn for business meetings and worn watching British period dramas.

And, most importantly, they’re worn while drinking La Croix and emailing you.

Women have (frankly) far too many denim styles available to them. The endless choices can be intimidating and lead to women buying new jeans for every season and hem length, spending far more money on fashion than men do. So what if women simplified a bit and got themselves a pair of men’s jeans, and made those jeans their own with a trip to the tailor? Goodbye pink tax! Goodbye anxiety of trendy jeans!

If you’re into exploring men’s jeans, we made a style guide for women who want to wear men’s jeans.

And hopefully pretty soon, Bluer Denim, being so obviously aware of women who wear men’s jeans, will launch their women’ denim collection with this in mind.


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