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Flashback 2010 – Miley Cyrus in Bootcut jeans

Flashback 2010 – Miley Cyrus in Bootcut jeans
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Miley Cyrus in her vintage looking ripped bootcut jeans was fashionably trendy as well as – considering what we know today – absolutely fashion forward, already in 2010.

Doesn’t make that you wish you’d have kept your good old jeans from early last decade?

And while we’re at it – even checking out her cellphone, nothing’s changed since then except the mobile. Now, ten years later, and we’re still seeing everybody out here on the streets looking at their phones more than at the traffic lights. 😉

Anyway, getting back to Miley’s jeans. The wash is amazing, a darker blue vintage wash with some fading exactly at the right areas around the knees, including a couple of rips. And as we all know by now, bootcut jeans are definitely a thing right now and for the coming seasons as well.

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