Yeah, we know – for us who live in the “wintry” hemisphere, it’s still going to take some time…

But the fact is that sometime soon spring will arrive. And we will be able to ditch our down coats and finally show off some new clothes again – without being covered by a coat, wrap, or that heavy down coat.

This is why one of the first spring items we are shopping for now is a jacket. Preferably leather or vegan leather, as it’s still not going to be warm enough to wear denim truckers. And why we need to think about this right now? Well, raise your hand if you never ever felt yourself in a despairing situation when that specific item you’ve been watching and thinking about… is gone in your size or in the color you wanted. {Cliché to remember: “Better now than sorry”} 😉

BLANKNYC has us covered with some really cool pieces for both the guys and the ladies.

And stay tuned as we will be covering all the newest BLANKNYC denim jackets here, too – soon.

Scroll down to find out which ones are our favorites right now and let us know which one is yours… We always love to hear from our readers!

cropped biker jacket
Chalk Jacket

For the girlie-girl – biker jacket with an ultra feminine vibe

leather moto jacket men
Digital Detox Jacket

For the “bad boy” guy – or maybe not…. a classic biker jacket is good for any type of guy!

vegan leather jacket men
Jacket In On Tap

Same as above, but made of faux leather

star embellished jacket women
Jacket in Kick Off

Bikers can get star-stuck, too!

windbreaker jacket men
Hard On Love Jacket

If you love a more athletic kind of look

fringe jackets
Jacket in Scorpio

We always love us some fringes

snakeskin quilted jacket
Cold Heart Jacket

If you’re not ready yet to ditch your quilted loves

plaid wool jackets
Jacket in Irish Curse

A plaid wool jacket is something you can wear anytime anywhere

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