Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2020


Before you delete this post – we’re not talking low rise here, but low-ER rise, cool?!?

Seeing that lower rise jeans in all shapes and styles were also taking over the runways – like at the Tom Ford fashion show this past week in Los Angeles, we feel “justified”! Lower rises are definitely making a comeback.

And also remember, just recently we posted here about top model Bella Hadid in her low rise jeans… and from then on, everything went south!

And then – just for the kicks – here’s Kaia Gerber, usually sporting high waisted jeans most of the time, in a pair of super-low rises. So, ok, it’s not denim, but we just wanted to “prove” our low-rise stand! 😉

{FYI: this picture was taken on February 13th, 2020, few days ago!}

low-rise pants

We decided to find out how we’re feeling about lower rises returning to our denim closet. And guess what – the more we see, the more we’re getting into the lower your rise mood.

And the “low-rise jeans making a comeback” buzz which has been getting stronger as the spring season approaches, is actually becoming more than just a buzz – a new reality!

And that’s not only because WE’re saying it.

And for those of you who are still totally stamping their feet refusing to even think about “lowering the rise” – the good news is that we’re not talking low rise 80’s and 90’s. We’re talking about the 21st century low rise. With a rise that’s between 8 and 9 inches. A quite different concept (and look).

low rise jeans

Body types have been changing in the last forty or fifty years, and the designers of the denim brands take this into consideration when bringing back any icon style from all those years ago. Be it the flare or bell bottom – another icon style making a big comeback – or the low rise jean.

The previously almost universally unflattering style used to be notoriously difficult to wear and a nightmare because of its ability to highlight love handles, excess stomach fat, and the tricky-to-tone expanse of the lower torso.

Adapted to the modern body type, the new low rise will be nothing like clinging to your lowest lower waist. In fact, when we checked out some of the new lower rises available right now, we noticed that those won’t go more than at maximum one inch below your navel and also won’t be super tight, but rather cut looser and slouchier. So ditch your muffin-top fear.

Are you ready now?!!? Scroll down to check out our newest finds in lower rises and dare to be fashion-forward! And you can also check out again our previous post about the low rise jeans for some inspiration!

black low rise jeans
All Saints Mast Skinny Low Rise Jeans, $80
distressed frayed hem skinny jeans
Moussy Vintage Kelley Tapered Distressed Jeans, $325
plus size low rise jeans
Kut from the KLOTH Plus Size Donna Ankle Skinny Leg , $99
low rise skinny jeans
Hudson Jeans Krista Super Skinny Jeans, $130
cropped jeans
J Brand Cropped Distressed Low Rise Jeans $250
low rise slim boyfriend jeans
rag & bone Dre Slim Boyfriend Jeans, $225
low rise distressed jeans
Dsquared2 Low Rise Scuffed Skinny Jeans, $498
plus size girlfriend jeans
Jag Jeans Plus Size Carter Girlfriend Jeans, $94

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