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We have come to enjoy our denim talks with BLUER Denim so much that we decided to make our conversations a regular feature. And not only because we find their ideas most interesting. It’s also, maybe even mainly, because if you are anything like a true denim fan, you will find their suggestions and ideas most inspiring as well.

Recently the Bluer team all sat together to look through the next batch of Bluer apparel and one of the members of this tiny team revealed something about himself. It was the type of thing one reveals and everyone else stays silent from shock and then the person with the most integrity and character says something like, “Oh, yes, I’ve experienced that thing too,” and you know this kind and integrity-filled person is a better person than you are because you’re sitting there thinking, “OMG. WHAT. HOW DOES THIS PERSON EVEN EXIST IN MY SAME WORLD?”

It’s a bit like someone saying, “I’ve never seen The Breakfast Club” or “I’ve never seen Grease” or, “No, The Bourne Identity is not my favorite movie.”

Anyway, this Bluer team person revealed that he didn’t immediately take off his jeans and change into cozy pants when he got home from work. In fact, he just left his jeans on and carried on with his life.

After a bit of digging, we realized that there are a lot of people who hang out in the same jeans that they’ve worn all day. We learned that maybe most people don’t walk in the door and start unbuttoning before greeting family or pets.So this post is here to celebrate the all day jeans wearers. We salute you, you awesome jeans wearer! If you are this person and you’d like a pair of jeans to wear all day, or to just wear when you’re out in public, head over to Bluer for your next pair.

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  1. Doesn’t everyone keep on his/her jeans all day long? I can imagine wearing 10 deniers on your legs and the dog welcomes you by jumping up and down, that you slip in something less delicate and comfortable, like a pair of jeans:). Or maybe change the high rise model for the boyfriend or mom jeans, but otherwise, I wouldn’t see a reason to change.
    ps I have to admit, The Bourne Identity doesn’t appeal to me at all, sorry

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