The Bangladesh Apparel Exchange will be hosting a spectacular series of events to  showcase the technological advances, product innovation, sustainable solutions and depth of talent available in the apparel industry of the country.

The events will be held at the  International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 6th and 7th, 2020.

Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) is an organization established to promote the apparel  industry of Bangladesh. BAE was established by the management and development team  behind the highly regarded Bangladesh Denim Expo. Founder and CEO of the Bangladesh Denim Expo, Mostafiz Uddin, is also the driving force, founder, and CEO of the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange. While the Expo is the flagship event of Bangladesh Apparel  Exchange, BAE continues to advocate a number of initiatives to promote sustainability,  innovation, and progress in the Bangladesh apparel industry.

In an unprecedented move for Bangladesh, these events, organized by the  BAE organization, will champion the developments that the nation has made as the go-to sourcing  destination for international brands and retailers for all apparel categories. The events will include the twelfth edition of the world-renowned Bangladesh Denim Expo, the  third edition of the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit, and the inaugural edition of the Innovation Week.

The newly enlarged Bangladesh Denim Expo will feature an expanded rooster of 100 national and international exhibitors from the denim industry representing the very best companies from the  international denim community. They will be showing the latest in denim developments and  innovations for the spring/summer 2022 season.

With visitor numbers predicted to exceed 8000, the Expo offers the perfect environment for discovering the latest denim trends, as well as learn all about the newest sustainable denim production techniques available within Bangladesh. This event also offers the ideal forum to fulfill the needs of the international denim community, providing the opportunity to make new contacts, discover new products and forge lasting business relationships.

Alice Tonello, R&D director of Tonello SRL comments:

“The Expo is the right place for making connections, to see our customers and to share ideas about the denim market. For us at Tonello, it is very important to participate at the Bangladesh Denim Expo, as many customers are here, and it is the perfect opportunity to extend our network of connections within Bangladesh.”

Now in its sixth year and twelfth edition, the Expo has grown in stature in terms of visitor and exhibitor numbers and gained international recognition from the visitors and trade press alike. The Bangladesh Denim Expo is now regarded as the most prestigious denim trade event in the region, helping to promote Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi denim industry to achieve a wider national and international audience.

With the objective of creating a meeting ground for the world’s top thinkers, innovators, and  technology disruptions from the global fashion industry, BAE created the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.

The objective of the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit is to bring the world’s best and brightest brains to Bangladesh. The objective is inspire apparel industry manufacturers to engage with the fast pace of technological advances that empower manufacturers involved in the apparel supply chain. For them to rethink their  business models and embrace the opportunities that new technology can offer.

This vision was first brought to life with the first successful edition of the Bangladesh  Fashionology Summit in February 2018, and the second edition in May 2019. The agenda for each edition reflected on the contemporary challenges of the apparel manufacturing industry today. This event offers the opportunity for innovation, technology-based organizations, and other stakeholders, to adapt their solutions for the most pressing problems of the industry to apparel manufacturers in a truly effective manner.

The formation of the Innovation Week, Dhaka by BAE, provides the opportunity to promote the innovation capabilities of the Bangladesh apparel industry. Renowned global experts will  share their knowledge, expertise and technical direction regarding product innovation through  a series of seminars, master classes, workshops, knowledge sharing breakout sessions, and future talks.

The cream of Bangladesh’s apparel manufacturers and talented designers will present their latest innovations and collections in a series of runway shows, presentations and through active participation at the event. Thus enabling the value-added capabilities of Bangladesh’s apparel manufacturers to be demonstrated.

An especially curated Design Innovation Award competition at the Innovation Week will  promote and educate design professionals about new concepts, laws, codes, design standards, best practices, materials, methods of construction, and processes. The competition will enable designers to establish new relationships within the design profession, encourage multi-disciplinary approaches to design, advance diversity and encourage more environmentally aware, sustainable design solutions.

“Be sure not to miss this opportunity to participate in what is destined to be the most talked about series of fashion industry events in the Asian region. We look forward to welcoming you to the ICCB, Dhaka Bangladesh, on April 6th and 7th, 2020.”

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