ripped jeans

Gigi Hadid, seen here out in in New York City during fashion week, sported that very questionable look of straight leg jeans tucked into knee-high boots and we’re not so convinced.

It looks like straight leg jeans tucked into knee-high boots are a thing right now. At least, when it comes to celebrities. We have not yet seen this look out here on the New York City streets, or anywhere else, as a matter of fact.

Just last week we posted about Katie Holmes in a very similar look…and here’s Gigi doing it, too. Well, if you have endless long legs like she does, it will be a good look for you, too. But if you are on the shorter side and anything above a size 2 max, then just forget it. Why would you want to do an outfit that is not flattering at all?!

Gigi’s jeans are in a washed out black, featuring knee holes, and the fit is a slim straight leg. Pretty cool and trendy jeans, and we can always add another pair of black bad boys to our denim collection, right! To wear sans the high boots, cool?!

You can shop for similar black straight leg jeans here and here.

P.S. Are tiny rectangle-shaped sunglasses still a thing? What’s your take on those? (Gigi’s are from DMY by DMY)

black jeans

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