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Not that I can actually see myself in one of the Moschino’s fall 2020 denim concoctions, presented at Milan’ Fashion Week, really! I mean, where would you wear a Marie Antoinette dress anyway nowadays? Coffee at Starbucks? Going on a blind date? Dinner with friends?

But practical questions aside, we really have to admire the craftsmanship of Moschino’s French Revolution pieces and wanted to share some of their runway images with you. And anyway, I am pretty sure that when fall arrives, some scaled down versions will be available to us who live “outside” of the French Revolution.

Asked about why he chose this theme for his fall 2020 collection, Moschino’s designer, Jeremy Scott – yeah, it’s really him now – says:

“Well on the geopolitical spectrum, thinking about the 1780’s and what’s going on today globally: Are the Hong Kong protests against an oppressive government? In Chile they’re protesting against a rise in subway fares; obviously my home country’s gotta lotta shit goin’ on, and y’all Brex-exiting…there’s a lot happening.” “And thinking about that,” he added, “the turmoil is very similar in a way to…” To “Let them eat…?” he was asked. “Moschino!” he answered.”

(um… posting Jeremy’s quotes here literally and hoping you get it!}

denim dresses

And now, back to “reality”! You can shop for Moschino’s current collection at Net-A-Porter and at LUISAVIAROMA.

And the good news for those of us who have a credit card limit, remember, Moschino also has a more reasonably priced fashion line called Moschino Cheap & Chic. Available at YOOX. Moschino Cheap & Chic also carries some cute gadgets and accessories, you can check them out here.

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