flare jeans

When we look back in time and think about denim, about jeans specifically, as being more than just something miners used to wear for work, there are three icon denim brands that come to our minds. Levi’s, of course, and then right after it’s Wrangler and Lee.

Three icon brands that have been around ever since the concept of jeans started.

Since then thousands of new denim brands have launched, stayed, vanished, tried for a comeback, and disappeared again. With the exception of those above mentioned icons.

One of these brands, Lee, has been kind of obscure, or out of sight – get this – here in the USA, their “homeland”! And believe it or not, the brand has an incredibly huge number of followers in Europe, though. Sold at upscale department stores and boutiques there as opposed to here in the USA where they are (or were) selling at cheaper department stores and outlets.

So imagine our surprise and delight when we recently re-discovered Lee jeans at a high-end store like Nordstrom. And not only in new and cool washes, but also in top trendy new styles. Like the High Waist Flare Jeans shown here. Reasonably priced at $98, these flares are not only fashionably high waisted, but also come in a beautiful vintage-like medium blue wash with just the right amount of distressing.

Besides at Nordstrom, this upgraded Lee collection, named Lee Vintage Modern, is also available at Shopbob.

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    • yeah, we’re seriously crushing on those, too!!! Let us know how they fit and if you love:-)

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