denim skirt

Noomi Rapace – remember “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” – was photographed on her way to attend the Love Magazine party in London.

And what the heck was she wearing? Denim jackets and jeans tied and sewn together forming a maxi denim skirt? Well, your guess is as good as mine! LOL Can anybody explain please? The only thing we can figure out right now is that very likely this is “thing” is made with vintage items. So good, it’s recycled and sustainable.

I am sure we will be seeing lots of comments on this “concoction” in the next few days and we’ll update you here when we have some denim-jackets/jeans-turned-denim-skirt news.

Meantime, if you are the kind of girl that loves really outrageous and different denims, have a look at some of the Ksenia Schnaider pieces. Very much different from what you usually see out there, but still “explainable”! You can shop for them at Neiman Marcus, YOOX, and at Shopbop.

women's denim

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