So, seriously, I really don’t know if I should laugh or cry about this. But Chinese-American actress, Bai Ling, seems to be taking her plight pretty seriously, judging by her unsmiling expression. And I am sure she must have caught a lot of people’s attention, if not consideration….

But, let’s talk about Bai Ling’s Brittney-Spear’s-like outfit here. Super low rise jeans – we hope she did manage to get a bikini wax – paired with a pink polka dot bustier. She added a white long sleeved shirt knotted up below her bustier.

Bai Ling’s jeans are ripped and destructed to the point of falling apart. We don’t see that a lot out there anymore, but there will always be one or the other who will totally go for it. And it’s ok, as long as it makes you feel good and confident.

Shop for ripped jeans here and here – and if you so desire, rip them up as much as you feel like. That at least will give you something to do while you are #stayathome.

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