The April edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo and the Fashionology Summit are cancelled due to the Corona virus Outbreak.


The 12th Bangladesh Denim Expo and the 3rd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit, originally scheduled to be held April 6th& 7th, have been postponed due to the global outbreak of the Corona virus.

New show dates will be announced when the situation of the pandemic improves.

Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), who also is responsible for the organisation of these events states:

“In light of the growing public health concerns around the COVID-19, we have taken this decision. We thought this is the only responsible thing to do, taking into consideration the health issue of our team as well as the numerous visitors who come from across the globe to attend the Expo and the Summit.”

Bangladesh also confirmed its first three cases of Covid-19 virus in the country as of March 8th. Even though the Corona virus has not yet spread alarmingly in Bangladesh, the government has already restricted the entry of people from four countries: Italy, South Korea, Japan, and Kuwait without providing virus-free medical certificates.

About 100 exhibitors from home and abroad along with about 6000 visitors from around the world were expected to participate in the 12th Bangladesh Denim Expo, while 40 expert Speakers from across the world were scheduled to share their views at the 3rd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.

We will follow up with new dates and new schedules as soon as we have a better idea about what the situation is.