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BLUER Denim has temporarily closed their door – including online orders, but they want you to know that they are always thinking of you guys, their customers and followers.

And, for sure, that certainly doesn’t keep us @Denimology from thinking about them either. We love what they have been doing since they’ve re-started the brand. Clean denim, sustainable, made in the US, and with prices that are accessible. Their online customer service is faultless, offering the shoppers personal advises about style and sizing.

We will definitely be back once they are open again. Lot’s of new stuff coming and we’re taking this opportunity to let you know a bit more about what you can expect:

A Bluer Evolution

“Polaris, otherwise known as the North Star, was used for millennia to guide travelers to their destination. The brightest light in the night sky that could tell you not just where you are but where to go. We might rely on GPS to tell us where to turn now, but we all have our own North Star, an internal compass that guides us and reminds us of what’s important.

At Bluer Denim, our North Star is based on our values: quality, sustainable, refined. We want you to feel as good about what you’re buying as you do when you’re wearing it. That’s why we design apparel that’s meant to last and fit in seamlessly with our modern lives. But we also recognize that our modern lives are growing more complicated and in turn, a lot of us are looking for ways to streamline however we can.

As we contemplated our North Star we wondered, how can we simplify the act of getting dressed? The answer was to grow our line and offer more options to round out your wardrobe. Yep, we’re talking denim-on-denim love in with shirts and jackets. Plus, a capsule line of knits for the days when you want to relax and let it all hang out, in style of course.

Don’t worry, our denim jeans will always be in the mix. After all, we believe the foundation of a stylish and functional wardrobe is denim. To make denim earn its keep, it has to fit as good as it looks. We spent the last year perfecting our cuts and making sure that every feature was thoroughly considered.

Have you ever noticed where the side seam on your jeans is placed? We have; and we moved it just a smidge to create the right line. Same for our belt loops, the length of the fly and where the pockets lay. You may not notice the details but they add up to a premium fit. We like to think that we’re taking something good and making it, well, better.

In addition to our line of men’s jeans, we’re in the process of perfecting some women’s styles in high-rise, slim-fit, and with the same attention to detail.”

Coming Soon: Shirts, Jackets, Knits

“We believe there’s no such thing as wearing too much denim so we’re adding denim trucker jackets and knitwear to our collection. Our denim jackets are cut in the classic trucker style, think: cut to hit at the waist, slightly tailored fit and front pockets and chest seams that complete this iconic style. We’re producing it in both raw denim (men’s and women’s cuts) and a dark rinse available in men’s. Like all Bluer Denim, these trucker jackets are rigid, rugged and will become more customized with each wear.

There’s nothing like a denim shirt to toe the line between playfully buttoned-up and casually cool. We opted for lightweight denim and chambray so you can layer them over a tank or tee or wear them tucked into your favorite jeans under what else, our Trucker jacket. Available in men’s and women’s styles.

Believe it or not, there are times when denim won’t do, like weekends when you want to binge on Netflix documentaries but look polished enough that you aren’t embarrassed to run into your ex at the corner bodega. For days when you want something softer, we’re in development on a curated line of t-shirts and a collection of fleece zip-up hoodies, pullovers and anti-sloppy sweatpants for men and women.

Like our denim line, we just say no to synthetics and instead are using organic cotton and hemp fabrications to find a lower-impact solution. Our aim with this line of separates is to follow the same philosophy we have with our denim: classic fits that don’t chase trends for year-round wear. We’ll launch with a neutral colorway: undyed white, gray, black and, of course, indigo. Look for these to arrive online in late March or April.”

The Future Looks Bluer

“Adding a few more thoughtful, timeless pieces (designed to last, natch) to our marketplace is just one of the ways we’re looking to grow the Bluer brand and further our commitment to promoting ethical production and a sustainable supply chain. The past year, as we worked through the brand acquisition, we also toured manufacturing facilities and denim mills, sourced new trims and made some hard decisions based on our values. For one, we realized that sourcing our denim domestically was no longer sustainable. Our past supplier, Cone Mills, based in North Carolina, shuttered and we ended up partnering with Candiani denim in Italy because of their quality and innovative environmental practices.

However, our manufacturing will remain in the US at a facility in Los Angeles so we can both minimize our footprint when we travel there and be nearer so we can work closely with them to ensure every detail is up to our standards. As a brand based in Portland, we hope to one day manufacture locally and lessen that gap even further.

For now,when we’re open again, we’ll continue selling online and hope to bring Bluer lines to select retail partners in the coming future. Maybe even a Bluer studio and showroom here in Portland.

In the meantime, even if we can’t be there when you try on our apparel, we’d love to hear from you about what you love and what you wish were different. Collaboration is actually part of our business model. Did you know we’re an employee-owned business? We follow a cooperative model so everyone who touches the business has a direct stake in the output.

As we continue to evolve the brand, we look up to that North Star to keep us in check and remain authentic to who we are. We’re grateful you’ve taken this journey with us and hope you see us as a bright light in a bluer sky.”

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