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Following up with my previous post….

Hello Bella Hadid and thank you for making me realize and help me (even if it’s involuntary) to get back on my denim track!

To tell you the truth, I can’t even think about one more time looking at myself in the mirror and seeing (me in) sweats. Or – hello online stores – receiving one more email about how to comfortably wfh in – sweatpants.

Guys, in spite of being home-bound right now, let’s not sink into a sweatpants abyss. As of this week I will make it a point to wear jeans again every single day of my confinement.

And just to make my point: Skinny non-stretch jeans are not on the list, and neither are too high rises, those pinch when sitting for a longer period.

Best options are the comfy boyfriends – yeah, go borrow some from your boyfriend or brother or hubby. Also, slouchy and baggy jeans are on my list. And, as opposed to what I normally love, that is rigid and no stretch denims, right now we’re allowed to do supersoft and stretchy:-). In other words: Comfort jeans.

Sweatpants addicts, before you leave here, wait! We’ve also taken in consideration those of you with difficulties ditching their sweats! Just scroll down, we’ve got you covered – and in denim – as well 😉

boyfriend jeans
Rag & Bone Drew Low-rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans, $191.25 on sale
elastic waist jeans
Topshop Elastic Waist Baggy Jeans, $63.99
plus size boyfriend jeans
Kut from the Kloth Boyfriend Jeans, $74.25
cropped jeans
Hudson Sloane Extreme Baggy Crop Jeans, $110
jog jeans
Hue Denim Capri Jeans, $40
denim sweatpants
Paige Mayslie Jogger, $219
plus size bootcut jeans
Liverpool Jeans Lucy High Performance Bootcut Denim, $98
jogger jeans
American Eagle High Waisted Denim Jogger, $44.96

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