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In the beginning of this month we introduced you to Turkish denim brand, Deep Six here @Denimology. Bahar Ser and Nilüfer Ademoğulları, owners and creators of the brand, believe that their denim collections should not be based on any summer/winter concept, but rather focus on being non-seasonal collections.

As always when it comes to new brands or denims in general, we were curious about the designers and their objective. How do they see denim, what are their predictions, what kind of jeans will be the newest trends. Here is what Bahar and Nilüfer tell us:

Q: What are your trend predictions for next year?

A: We believe that 80% sustainable production will be a top priority. 90’s style jeans and pastel colors will continue strong, and we are definitely going to continue our line of custom hand painted and crafted designs , as well as with embellishments.

Q: We already own skinny, super skinnies and boyfriend jeans. What will be the next big style?

A: Flare jeans are definitely popular among the younger generation. We think that a reference could be the past particularly the 80’s and 90’s. We also see the tendency towards roomier jeans instead of tighter fits getting stronger.*

{*note from the editor: totally agreed!)

Q: And what is your take on baggy jeans – we are seeing them popping up quite frequently again?

A: Baggy jeans with a slimmer waist enhance all body types, hence it is a quite popular design. Some people use it to cover up their curves and some use it to appear more curvy. It appeals to all types of customers, but it seems a bit more street style than elegant.

Q: Do you believe that lower rise jeans will make a comeback?

A: Lower rise jeans are not exactly the preferred style of most people out there, yet. But some top fashion models like Emrata, Kendall Jenner, or Bella Hadid, are already bringing this trend back. Yes it will make a comeback, however, its success is quite a bit debatable.

Q: What about colored and printed jeans?

A: We definitely suggest pastel colors. As for printed denim, they could be trending again. However these would not reflect our style and purpose of our brand.

Q: Do you believe and agree that generally women are getting a bit tired of too much stretch and are ready for more “authentic” denim,  including selvedge?

A: Authentic denim always adds more to an outfit, especially when fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara producing stretch jeans, it would increase the quality of the denim. We do not adore using stretch materials, however, if we do use it we use a high tech version to make it appear more appealing.

Q: Will you be including men’s jeans in your collection someday soon?

A: We are planning on including men’s jeans in the future, but not at the moment.

Q: What is your personal favorite denim style and why?

A: Mom jeans are my personal favorite since it is more comfortable, easier to style, and more casual.

Q: Which person living or dead, would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?

A: Definitely, Anna Wintour. She is a famous fashion editor and her opinion would mean a lot to our brand.

Q: Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

A: Hopefully, we will be a unique brand offering high quality denim for a reasonable and educated price. We would benefit from being recognized overseas. We are not planning on mass producing, and would like to focus more on our customer’s tastes.

Q: What special “denim advice” you would like to give to our readers?

A: Luxury fashion does not have to be extremely expensive and cause harm to our planet. It could definitely be affordable and sustainable. All designers and consumers should consider these factors.

You can shop for the DEEP SIX collection on their website.

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