Today I received the following note from Adam Taubenfligel, owner and creator of Los Angeles based denim brand, Triarchy. (To refresh your memory, Triarchy is one of the most sustainable denim brands out there.)

“I built this brand because of my love of denim as well as the community of people that surround and support me on a day-to-day basis. The reality that community extends to every single person on this planet has never been more apparent than it is now. This is the first time we have ever experienced a global coming together like this, so as we adjust to this new reality we will help where we can.

I’d like to share a thought on what has helped me to deal with some of this. Sometimes too much information will do nothing except keep us in a state of anxiety and increased stress. In seeking out more news in order to protect ourselves with information, we could very well be lowering our immune response. Some good news however is that expressing gratitude has been shown to boost immune response, so I’d like to take this opportunity to put that into practice and tell you how grateful I am for you reading this email, and for being a part of our community. 

COVID-19 is having a real impact on our day-to-day lives, on our work, our routines, our families and friends and our ability to see one another, but I sit here and try to imagine what it would be like to cope with all of this…and not even have running water.

So this is how Triarchy is going to help. We’re putting all denim on sale at 25% off and we will be donating all proceeds from these sales to our charity partner, ISLA URBANA. (see more info below)

It’s important to remember now more than ever that we will never be able to control what happens to us in life, but we will always be able to control how we react, and our reaction creates our reality.

I am thinking of you in these uncertain times and sending a lot of love and light your way.”
All proceeds from women’s and men’s denim sales will be donated to ISLA URBANA as well as 25% off with code together25

We are aware that many of you guys out there will be curious about why Triarchy decided to donate to Isla Urbana. In the situation we are in right now, wouldn’t it make more sense to donate to hospitals, nurses, or any kind of health related organization…..?

The answer is clear:

“We’d like to remind you that water is still a most important and survival-necessary part of our life.

Doctors and nurses need money from our government. Our charity provides water for human beings to survive. I spoke with the charities organizer and their ability to raise funds in the coming months will be greatly restricted. Imagine a community of people suffering from covid 19 and no water? Also they are our charity partner for almost two years now. How would it make sense for us to not support our charity partner at their greatest time of need?

This virus shows us that it isn’t about borders. Communities. People. Nothing.

Supporting communities who don’t have water can’t take a back seat and if anything I need to shine the light on them more because all charity dollars will go directly to other things right now. This is a prevalent underlying issue that would exacerbate a covid 19 outbreak in those communities.

Isla Urbana has been our charity partner since 2018 and we continue to support them in times of heightened crisis as we know their ability to raise funds during times like these will be greatly reduced. The communities they support are just as susceptible to a COVID 19 outbreak and so in imagining trying to cope with this pandemic and not even have running water made it very clear how important our partnership with them continues to be.

“In August 2018 we started supporting the The Isla Urbana Foundation. They are a foundation who, among other things, propose an economical, environmental and socially sustainable solution to the urgent problem of accessible water in rural zones of Mexico. They do this by providing families, schools and organizations clean water by installing rainwater harvesting systems. Over the last 10 years they have helped over 35,000 people and harvested over 50 million liters of water. As you can imagine, the onset of COVID-19 is drastically affecting their ability to raise funds to continue their work, which right now and in the coming months will be needed more than ever.”

Shop for Triarchy denim on their website – give a gift to yourself as well as to those who are in need!

Please note: “All orders will be shipped on Friday each week, by one team member who will be in the office alone.”

{A note to all of of our readers who were expecting a top jean of the week post like we do every Sunday. Because of the really dire and desperate situation right now, we think it is important to spread the word about everything that helps to relieve some of the plights. And honestly, the way things are, we weren’t actually in the mood to test and review much denims these days….. we sincerely hop you understand.}

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