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If you want to sum it up: The leg style of slim jeans is slightly tapered while the leg style of skinny jeans is closely tapered. Slim jeans fit tighter at the seat and thigh while skinny jeans fit tight all the way from the thigh to the leg.

Ok, now that we got it “straight” let’s dive a bit deeper.

Skinny jeans that hug the body all the way from the waistband to the ankles need to contain a certain amount of stretch. Slim jeans are usually made of 100% cotton denim, but may contain as little as 1% Elastane in order to maintain the look and feel of rigid denim jeans.

If you are not sure what works for you, especially now that you have to shop “sight unseen” online, you need to read the material and fit descriptions posted on the websites extra carefully. It always helps to have a look at the reviews, too.

Before choosing your pair of jeans, think about the importance of comfort versus look versus style. Most probably you have already decided on the style of the jeans you want to buy, a skinny, flare, wide leg or bootcut.

The next step would be to know what kind of rise you are most comfortable with. Jeans that have stretch generally work with all rises, especially the super high waist.

If you are going for slim non stretch jeans, then mid-rise or even a bit higher rise will work fine.

And here is our top advice: don’t even think about super high waisted rigid denim jeans unless you are planning on standing or walking only. Trust me, from my personal experience, even a half hour sit down in non stretch super hi-rise jeans will “kill” you. You can read more about this here.

Today it’s all about women’s jeans – guys coming up next, stay tuned.

Below you can see some good examples of what’s out there and what to look for when shopping online.

  • If you are a person mostly concerned with comfort (of course the look as well), then skinny jeans with lots of stretch will do it for you:

Good American Good Waist Skinny jeans, $99 – works for all body types, available in sizes 00 to 24

mid rise jeans

Moussy Vintage Glendale Comfort Mid Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans, $350 – even though these don’t look like stretch skinnies, they actually do have stretch. A good choice if you like your jeans comfy with the look of “real” denim

cropped skinny jeans

BLANKNYC Skinny Jeans, $98, if you want the edgy look with extreme comfort – these are very stretchy

Madewell Mid-Rise Skinny Crop Jeans, $138, super soft skinnies, available in sizes 23 to 37 as well as in petite, regular and tall – these are for you if you like a some kind of embellishment, or extra detail

  • If you’re not only concerned about comfort but also about look and style, then these slim fitting jeans will be your thing (may include a small amount of stretch):
cropped jeans

Levi’s Wedgie Icon Jeans – one of the most popular fits from the brand, also available in plus sizes and many different washes

raw jeans

A.P.C. Etroit mid-rise slim leg Cropped Jeans, $139, an absolute classic in raw denim with the look of rigid denim and the comfort of 2% stretch, a staple

  • And see below some good options if you are a denimhead: absolutely no stretch, comfort is secondary (what the heck, I’ll wear these jeans in until they’re like made for my body). 100% cotton is non-discussable, while still aiming to look sexy and edgy. Slim fit jeans are your thing:
hi-rise black jeans

Khaite Daria Slim Jeans, $380, if you really want super hi-rise (11.5″), and black is always a staple, 100% cotton

cropped light blue jeans

SLVRLAKE Virginia Slim Straight Jeans, $320 – 40% off, borderline hi-rise (11″), but still pretty comfy like pre-worn, 100% cotton

raw denim jeans women

Zilver Cropped Mid-Rise Jeans, $380, classic raw denim jeans but with an extra zipper detail on the front of the leg, 100% cotton

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