Not only is Artistic Milliners one of the pioneers in sustainable denim fabrication, recognized and renowned for of their efforts to keep our planet clean, but they are also taking their responsibilities one step further.

Artistic Milliners partially reopened their factory last Monday. The government has allowed the export industry to re-start production in a limited capacity:

“We have completed the process of disinfecting our mills and factories and will be adhering to all CDC and WHO guidelines to practice social distancing rigorously.

At the entrance, all employees and workers will walk through the thermal gates. Any employee showing any symptoms will be sent back home immediately. All PPEs will be provided to the employees. For any kind of emergency, we have prepared quarantine areas. We have also taken measures to ensure that all production floors are well-ventilated. Our Emergency Response Team has completed a certified training from the leading medical institutes on COVID-19 screening procedure. We will continue to provide awareness sessions to all employees to encourage them to follow all safety protocols at all times. 

Our workforce remains our priority and we intend to continue our social welfare projects, some of them tweaked to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.”

“As the world fights the pandemic, we feel that moving forward however slowly is the key to survival. So we are taking small steps to resume our operations but we are not willing to compromise on the health and safety of our workers. We are following stringent health and safety protocols across all our factories and mills to ensure our workforce feels safe and good about being back at work. With best safety practices, we are fighting this pandemic together.”

The CEO and owners of the company, Omer and Murtaza Ahmed, have closely monitored the necessary precautions and participated in all of the awareness meetings. 

Hopefully, this shows the beginning of a new – post-pandemic – era.

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