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A couple of years ago we introduced you Don the Fuller, a 100% sustainable Italian denim brand. Always on the look-out for new and not run-of-the-mill denims, we loved the newest campaign images of the brand and wanted to share.

And… there’s more: Did you know that most of the Don the Fuller jeans come with a (perfume) smell?!

As the brand tells us:

“90% of our production does come slightly perfumed with Myrrh and is very much loved by our consumers. The process of adding the fragrance is waterless. It is shot inside the tumbler washing machine with hot air.  The smell lasts for about six washes in your washing machine.”

So how cool is this? We checked out this Myrrh perfume and wow, this smell seems to be really amazing. See for yourself here.

Below you can have a look at some great images from the spring and summer 2020 campaign. We will be following up with their men’s and women’s lookbook, as well as more info about the brand ASAP, so stay tuned. We promise, it’s going to make your denim day looking at their awesome collections!

You can buy Don the Fuller Jeans on their website as well as at YOOX.

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