straight leg jeans

Well protected and incognito – can you guess who’s hiding behind that black mask? No idea at all yet… Scroll down for more images. Hint: She’s adorable! And a great actress!

cropped jeans

It’s really her, Chloe Grace Moretz, and she’s taking her protection very seriously, like we all should follow her example. Not only is she using a big face mask, but also covering her eyes under a baseball cap and wearing gloves. Well done, Grace.

She was photographed doing her food shopping dressed in slim ankle length jeans, a black maxi coat and white Nike Air Force 1 x Comme des Garcons sneakers. Cool sneakers, too, but their price of $1500+ is a killer…but if you’re up to it you can shop for them here. Otherwise, you can just go for the “plain” Nike ($90) sneaker and DIY – much cheaper and also kind of more individualistic. Love this idea!

Chloe’s jeans are a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans, trendy and very popular. You can shop for similar straight leg jeans here.

My personal favorite that I’ve been wearing a lot (before “lock-down”), actually there are two favorites: Boyish – I love the asymmetrical fly – you can read about these in my review. And the other one is from Moussy Vintage on sale at SAKS for $252 (size up in these).

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