ripped relaxed jeans
American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans, $35.97, sizes 00-24

It’s been exactly five weeks that we have been in voluntary seclusion. We here at Denimology, and the rest of the world.

And since then a lot of our former beliefs and ideas have changed, as it probably did also for many of you guys out there. What we previously thought would be a normal thing, isn’t normal anymore. Things that we used to do before without even thinking about it, now have become a much thought about subject. Like shopping for essentials, actually, shopping for anything at all.

But enough philosophizing for now. Fact is that we have spent endless hours online, shopping, searching, looking for what’s new in the denim world and so on.

And especially since I ditched my sweats a couple of weeks ago, I now want to wear jeans that are not only comfortable, but also cool and edgy and special. The whole idea being that when I wear jeans I feel less like a prisoner with no escape in my home but rather more like my normal always-wearing-jeans-self.

We made a list of our preferred jeans to wear at home but with the feel (and look) of ready to go anywhere anytime. And the reason why we love them….scroll down to find out!

Favorite boyfriend jeans:

boyfriend jeans

rag & bone Dre Low-rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans, $191.25

Because while we do appreciate a higher waist, often, when sitting down for a longer period of time, we prefer a lower waist.

Favorite slouchy jeans:

slouchy jeans

Boyish Ziggy Jeans, $168

When we want to feel like as if we were wearing sweatpants but want to look better dressed for a Zoom meet

Favorite Baggy Jeans:

dad jeans

Raey Bad Baggy Jeans, $150 -20%

This is a really cool style: you can either wear low on the hips for a baggy look or higher on the waist for a cropped wide leg look, available also in more washes

Favorite wide leg jeans:

wide leg jeans

TOTรŠME Flair Wide Leg Jeans, $270

We love the clean vintage like wash and the cropped length is perfect for us right now and later for summer, also available in black

Favorite straight leg jeans:

distressed straight leg jeans

Moussy Vintage Lomita Wide Straight Leg Jean, $360 -25%

A perfect vintage wash, and even though they’re made of 100% cotton, they are super comfortable and feel like you’ve worn them forever

Favorite skinny jeans:

skinny jeans

Frame Le High Skinny, $132, available in sizes 23-34

Yes, you can do skinny-skinny AND feel comfortable at the same time. These Frame babies are extremely soft and you’ll look so much better in those than in your eternal leggings!

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  1. I was watching one of the ‘influencers’ on youtube and she was singing the praises of the brand of Moussy jeans. True, they look fabulous and Japanese denim is exceptional. Now, I’ve never worn them, however I have been looking for a pair of pre worn jeans as the prices retail are way above what my budget can afford.
    Do you know of any other sites I might find a pair. I’m size, I guess, 27.
    Would you direct me to where I can for more offered of pre worn Moussy jeans?



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