plus size jeans

Everlane wants all of the ladies out there to wear their jeans, without any restriction to size, build or anything else. Besides including different inseams for most of their jeans styles, they also have jeans especially designed for the curvy women. And by that they don’t mean plus size only. The curvy denim line is designed for any size lady that does have a curvier body.

For example, if you are a regular size 28, but have a proportionally bigger butt and smaller waist, then a size 28 in a curvy style will fit you to perfection. There will be no pinching or restricting at your hips and butt and especially no gaping waistline. A very common and annoying problem.

Like the Everlane guys so aptly put it: “Your best butt, minus the waist gap.”

The Curvy Cheeky Straight Jeans are available in sizes 23 to 35, come in three washes (see below), and in regular as well as in ankle lengths.

curvy jeans

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