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Levi’s launched their new spring 2020 ad campaign featuring Hailey Bieber and Jaden Smith.

What started out as a campaign rooted in festival season and Hailey and Jaden’s ties to music and fashion has shifted to celebrate the optimistic spirit of today’s youth, something that Hailey and Jaden both embody and represent. Levi’s has always been a symbol of democratic inclusion, youth empowerment, and the choice for those daring to push for a better tomorrow. Levi’s CMO, Jen Sey, penned a thoughtful note that talks about how all of this ties back to Levi’s history and core values:

“As we look at today’s youth – this generation that is un-apologetically demanding, creating, and pushing for the world they deserve to live in – it is clear that they are carrying forward a legacy. Make no mistake, young people are being hit hard during this crisis. Beyond not getting to experience seminal milestones like graduations and proms, they are graduating into tremendous economic uncertainty, their planned futures unclear for now. They are living at home with their parents when most would be breaking out on their own. They are on pause for the immediate future with incredible challenges ahead. But their optimism and sense of community and identity will carry them through.”

While Coachella and many other music festivals will be postponed for now, Levi’s launches this series to provide hope and optimism for young people, along with a place to get lost and dream. The candy-colored images with backdrop splashes in lime green, neon pink, and turquoise were shot by Karla and Matthew Welch.

Here are some of the key styles Hailey and Jaden wore for this campaign:


501 Cropped Jeans in Tango Beats, Short Sleeve Rib Baby Tee in White, Ex-Boyfriend Trucker in Soft as Butter Light, Drew Windbreaker Pant in Floral Ditzy Print.


501 ‘93 Straight in Bike DX, Sunset One Pocket Shirt, 501 ’93 Cut Shorts, Cubano Shirt.

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