denim shorts

Katharine McPhee took her cute little dog our for a walk with her husband, David Foster.

She wore a pair of distressed and ripped denim shorts which she teamed with a fashionable tie-dyed sweatshirt and a pair of white leather sneakers.

This season we are spotting a lot of tie-dye: t-shirts, sweatshirts, and also denims. It is definitely a nice and uplifting addition to anyone’s wardrobe. And as we are aware, it’s very likely one of those flash-trends that are hot one season and “cold” the next. So we don’t want to spend a lot of money for just one season.

Check out some very cute and reasonably priced tie-dyed tops to wear right now with any kind of denim:

Jeans: Jordache ($116), Frame ($98) (more options in my post about tie-dyed later this week!)

Denim Shorts: BLANKNYC ($88), Levi’s ($69.50)

T-shirts: GAP ($24.95-50%), Cliché ($24.99), Como Vintage ($19.97)

Sweatshirts: Splendid ($44), Calvin Klein ($60), Vans ($44.99)

ripped denim shorts

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