Home Editorials Lisette’s Denim Closet – My Faves and Why (Blue Edition)

Lisette’s Denim Closet – My Faves and Why (Blue Edition)

Lisette’s Denim Closet – My Faves  and Why (Blue Edition)
denim closet

I am sure I am speaking for most of you guys out there staying at home, working from home, or doing nothing at home. Once this pandemic is over, the last thing we will want to see is a reminder of our volunteer or forced stay-in time. And especially when it comes to getting dressed for real life again.

Right now, what I am wearing, at least from my waist down, is only between my mirror and me. So ok, I am just all about “whatever”. And even though I have ditched my old sweatpants and relegated them to my workout only pile, I am still looking more for comfort than style right now. Mainly.

But, boy, is this ever going to change once I am “unleashed” and free to go wherever I want anytime I want. I know myself, I will feel that big urgent need to make up for all those months locked up…. Bet you’re all with me here 😉

So this is a good time to renew your denim stock. At least – and I am sure you’re feeling the same way – when it comes back to looking good/great/edgy/sexy/cool again in your jeans. For me, these last months when my denim choices were based on comfort rather than above mentioned, the comfort first times will be so over!

And there’s some pretty darn good denim out there! Scroll down to see some of my denims from my closet and why I love them. They’re all still available to buy, just click on the link below each image.

Today it’s all about my top blues, stay tuned for my favorite blacks and whites!

cross-over jeans

The Casey Jeans ($168) from Boyish with the asymmetrical button-fly is just – RAD! And a perfect fit, I promise! They’ve sent me a pair to review, so I am giving you my honest opinion here! Also available in two more washes.

boyfriend jeans

The low-rise Drew from rag & bone (on sale for $178) is a slim boyfriend, suuuper comfy and at the same time very edgy and cool, runs true to size and I have been wearing them a lot since I’ve tossed my sweatpants.

bootcut jeans

A nice “flash-back” take on a bootcut, the Wrangler Retro Sadie Bootcut ($63.95) is my fave vintage-like choice when not doing real vintage. Available in different washes as well.

distressed jeans

These are my splurge jeans, absolutely worth it, though. The Moussy Vintage Norwalk Straight Leg Jeans ($360) have the best vintage-y well loved look, no rips, but perfectly distressed hems and back pockets. I have had them for months, they got me through winter and they are getting better the more I wear them. They run small, so you’d better go one size up.

And just to let you know that I am definitely not always the splurge lady, below you can see my favorites from GAP and American Eagle. Reasonably priced, edgy, trendy, and ideal to wear now and for many more months to come.

tie-dyed distressed jeans

Gap Mid Rise Destructed Boyfriend Jeans ($89 but they’re 50% off RN), this light bleach destroyed wash is giving me the best summer vibes.

cropped two-tone flare jeans

Cropped, two-tone, and high waisted, the American Eagle Crop Flare Jeans ($35.97) are top-trend this season, They are also super soft, and by that I mean you’ll wear them and totally forget about your comfy sweatpants!

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