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This past week we introduced you to Modern American, sister brand of Los Angeles based, Fidelity Denim. Now, read on for more info about the brand and what their goals are.

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“Modern American offers Eco-friendly, sustainable made blues jean at an affordable price. We work with ethical suppliers and manufacturers to create a jean made with integrity, so you can not only look good in what you are wearing, but also feel good about what what you are wearing.
Our goal is to create a social movement to contribute to the well being of our planet and make a difference in the quality and positive impact of our lives.


Today’s consumers are looking for alternatives that represent values of a Modern American. Our goal is to make beautiful blue jeans in an ethical, sustainable manner with the lowest possible impact on the planet. To spread awareness and encourage others to help protect the environment. To take a stand and make a conscious
effort for change and be the difference in today’s world.


We invite you to follow us and be a part of the #IAMMODERNAMERICAN initiative. Our goal is to give a voice to those who want to make a difference. Learn more, watch the change, be the difference.

Action must be taken now or we will all be in peril. We must take a stand now and show everyone how this is the biggest threat to our existence. Adopting a sustainable and responsible lifestyle centered around helping our planet is not only in our best interest, but also for the generations to come.

This movement will bring people from around the globe together, independent of who you are or what personal beliefs you have, we will unite for the benefit of our planet.


We want to CREATE A MOD/AM LIFESTYLE. Our goal is to spread awareness and encourage others to take a stand and help protect the environment by creating a
movement with a collective like-minded audience. We want to collaborate with organizations and causes that carry the same objective in helping bring about change, with individuals who are always searching for ways to improve our environment and with socially aware retail partners that want to promote our mutual goal of a better world and a better life.”

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