As stated in my previous video fashion feature – no live fashion shows – no problem. We’re very happy with being able to see some of the Modern American life-style videos instead. And the advantage is obvious: when you’re not sure about how a pair of jeans actually fit when moving in “real life” you can check it out right here and now.

Let’s have a look how Bobby is wearing her Modern American Mercer 80’s style jeans. She went for the medium blue, a super authentic vintage wash, the Wilshire. The denim is 99% cotton with only 1% of stretch which guarantees a “real” denim look and feel.

Bobby is wearing her jeans with a slouchy white graphic muscle tee and chunky black leather lace-up shoes.

And while you’re at it – these jeans are on sale right now for $59.99 – a super deal for a pair of jeans that you will wear forever.

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  1. Sorry but all this tattoos are so ugly as hell. I do not understand why young women like this young woman mess up their body with so many unnecessary tattoos?


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