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Kingpins 24 Online 2nd Edition: June 23rd and 24th

Kingpins 24 Online 2nd Edition:      June 23rd and 24th
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The second edition of Kingpins 24 will take place June 23rd and June 24th, 2020. This will be an online-only denim event which will target the US denim market.

The online event will build upon the success and momentum of the first Kingpins24 event, which drew nearly 10,000 visitors to its website during its April 22/23 run, and saw nearly 29,000 views of its on-demand content, including more than 13,000 views during the show and in the week following.

Murtaza Ahmed, owner and manager of Artistic Milliners, and Omer Ahmed, CEO, will be participating at the event on June 23rd. Totally focused on sustainability and transparency, Artistic Milliners is definitely making their mark in the denim world through supporting sustainable livelihoods.

The updated Kingpins24 concept will also include a shorter and more streamlined livestream, with a focus on webinars, interviews, panels and conversations. The livestream, which will be abbreviated to 8 hours from 10, will go live at 9am EDT and wrap up at 5pm EDT on both days. The livestream will once again be hosted by Olah and Vivian Wang, Kingpins’ managing director and head of global sales, but will include a larger cast of co-hosts and interviewers, according to a press release by Kingpins.

One key change that will be made to the June Kingpins24 event will be that members of the denim supply chain that are not Kingpins New York exhibitors will be allowed to apply to join the online event as exhibitors.

On-demand content will return with a wide variety of content produced by Kingpins, Kingpins exhibitors and industry partners. Feedback from Kingpins24 attendees put an emphasis on product-related information from mills and manufacturers, and this category will be a focus of the next iteration of Kingpins24.

Finally, Kingpins Trend x Denim Dudes will once again screen the FW 2021 denim trend forecast film during Kingpins24 for a $35 fee per viewer. Now, it will be screened multiple times on June 25, 2020, the day after Kingpins24 wraps. As before, all other Kingpins24 content remains entirely free.

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