So here’s the follow up to the blue (denim) part in my closet. Today it’s all about black jeans. So many shades of black, right, and with some camo pants mixed in between. I promise you I haven’t made this part of my closet look good for the picture. It’s absolutely how my closet looks in my “real life”. Because I am all about real and not fake or make-believe or, worse, photo shop when it comes to my denims.

I have chosen a few of my very favorite pairs and, boy, was that hard, I really love ’em all! I’ve also added a few comments about why I love them and some details about the fit.

Most of my black jeans here are still available to buy. If this article inspires you, just click on the link below each image.

baggy jeans

Right on top here are my most beloved blacks, Like I don’t do skinny jeans, as you probably know by now! ?

The RAEY Fold Dad Baggy Boyfriend Jeans ($150) are my absolute go-to. Anytime, anywhere. Uber-sized, super slouchy and worn low on the hips, these bad boys are so me! Size down, you’ll still get this oversized look, these jeans run really big.

ripped boyfriend jeans

And here’s my very close number two choice, also uber-sized and slouchy, the One Teaspoon Smith Jeans ($80 on sale) feature a big rip below the knee which, btw, I am holding together with a few safety pins!

criss cross jeans

Yeah, you may have noticed my thing with cross-over jeans…. so this is my black baby from AGOLDE. As opposed to my Boyish blue ones I told you about in my “blue” post, these fit a bit larger and have wider legs. Super cool and they run true to size.

ripped black jeans

These 100% cotton straight leg from Moussy ($350, yeah my black denim splurge) are the most skinny I can do without going skinny (seriously!). I went for one size bigger than my regular size and the fit is a perfect slim straight tapered. The jeans are made of a heavier weight denim and the distressing is subtle and edgy, like a well loved pair of jeans (which they definitely are!).

camo pants

Now about the camo pants – my choice for the bad girl look when I don’t want to do black. And yes, you guessed right, oversized! I got them at Urban Outfitters ($69) a few years ago and they are still available. Totally soft and absolutely comfortable.

denim bermudas

And for when it’s “time out” again and warm and sunny, my favorite denim bermudas that are good to go in the city as well as at any resort. GAP ($36), they carry them every summer in more or less the same style, they’re a staple in their collection. Hint: Even though I am only 5’4″, I always buy them in tall for extra length – looks super cool with a blazer or with any tank top.

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