Mimi is wearing the Mercer Beverly

We always love to watch videos of models in their jeans, especially these days when there is no way to walk into a store and check them out personally. A video gives you a much better idea of how the jeans look in “real” life.

These two Modern American’s ad campaign videos are not only informative, but actually also so very right now with the models wearing face masks. This is the first time we’re posting an ad campaign with “masked” models and while inspiring and essential now, we’re also hoping that this will be the last face-mask ad campaign ever.

In the video above, Mimi is wearing the light blue Mercer jean, which is a high waisted ankle length style and is also available in a darker vintage-y blue.

And in the video below you can see Bre rocking in a pair of cropped wide leg jeans in a light blue wash. You’ll be able to get these same jeans in white as well later this season.

The face masks that the models are wearing are also part of the MOD/AM collection and come in many super-rad different prints, check them out here.

Bre’s wearing the Savannah Ashbury

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