two tone jeans

So if you’re having a hard time switching from sweatpants back to denim to present yourself dressed up once again to the “outside” world.

I feel you. Actually, I’ve had this problem for one significant reason: As a total denim addict, I have never even considered it an option to wear sweatpants. Even while staying at home day after day. I was wearing my well loved oversized jeans, boyfriends, baggies, 90’s – anything but restricting skinnies. And I never felt uncomfortable enough to give even a thought to leggings or any non denim bottoms. But it came to a point where I became simply tired of my oversized regular style jeans and I started looking online for some other options.

Something that would be comfortable as – above mentioned – but still be denim and also be wearable in my “life after”.

And this is where the Alexander Wang Pack Mix Hybrid Cargo Jean comes in. As aptly described, these are hybrid jeans with bleach denim front panels and a black nylon pique at back. They also come with a white panel in front, if you’re into a white summer – see image below.

Granted, for $325, these don’t come cheap, but, well, as the name says, they are hybrid. Wear them knotted at the ankle or straight down loose. Or you can also wear them low on the hips for an edgy slouch look. Splurge, yes, but so very worth it!

You can check out more Alexander Wang denim on their website and at LUISAVIAROMA.

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  1. That’s wonderful. many things to learn. thanks for sharing. I’m also a big fan of writing down goals and keeping up with them for that very same reason–to see my progress and get encouraged to keep going. If there’s no feeling of progress, then motivation can dwindle before you accomplish what you set out to. Great article!


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