In the coming seasons you will be able to add colorful denims to your closet without any damage to our earth! Scroll down to find out more….

Artistic Milliners introduces PURECOLOR TM; 100% Natural dyestuff without the addition of any synthetic chemicals.

PURECOLOR TM uses dyes derived from the earth’s most colorful soils.

All seven colors are fully certified by GOTS and meet the ZDHC MRSL Level 1 Certification Requirements. Highly tested to ensure that residues were fully checked and found to have no heavy metal traces – according to Toxicity tests – perfect for Babies, Kids and Adults clothing. This technology has high reproducible, good light-fastness in production and can withstand a minimum of 5 Home Laundries.

In addition to being a 100% natural garment dyeing solution, PURECOLOR TM is also a ”Less water + Less energy” technology that consumes 50% less water and 37% less energy compared to standard dyeing techniques with synthetic dyestuff. It works perfectly in combination with PURESOFT TM which is a concept of responsibly sourced, 100% Organic or Vegan softeners.

Artistic Milliners Garment Division (AMG) takes a customer centered approach to innovation, working in close coordination with its partners in order to enhance sustainability and transparency across the apparel supply-chain..Their technical teams have conducted an extensive research and rigorous testing for two years to develop the concept.

Artistic Milliners, a vertically integrated denim company, produces 30 million denim garments, 84 million meters of fabric and 87.6 million lbs. of yarn annually while maintaining a strong focus on the use of technology and digitization to drive operational excellence.

AMG’s Fair Trade Certified Eco-Tech Garment Unit is Pakistan’s first and highest rated LEED Platinum-Certified factory that incorporates the finest of designs and technologies with regards to performance, sustainability and human comfort. The facility is a hallmark of latest tech innovations housing both the SMART Laundry and automated stitching machines. 50% of the building’s energy requirement is met by Solar Energy.  The Wastewater Treatment plant installed is biological, eliminating the hazard of chemical sludge at the source and 85% of water is recycled and looped back to the system.

Artistic Lab based in Dubai is AMG’s Design and R&D Center that is equipped with innovative washing technologies. The R&D Center utilizes Eco-friendly processes and serves as an incubation center for designers and developers to experiment with new sustainable washing techniques.

Murtaza Ahmed, Managing Director, Artistic Milliners states: “I would like to congratulate the R&D teams at AMG (Artistic Milliners Garment Division) for working tirelessly on this break-through solution. It has been a two-year journey to bring this sustainable technology to the market and it would not be possible without the support and hard work of our teams, vendor partners and most importantly our customers. Artistic Milliners remains committed to pioneering sustainable garment finishing solutions for our strategic partners. Not only is this garment dyeing solution 100% natural, it also reduces the use of water and energy which is a prime focus here at Artistic Milliners”

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