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I have always had a thing for Italian denim fashion. I can’t really explain it, but there is a certain vibe, a flair, a very – well “Italian feel” – when it comes to their jeans. Let me try to make you understand better:

Their baggy jeans are not “potato sack” like baggy, but rather more fitted baggy. The men’s jeans especially do somehow have a more sexy feel to them. Their skinny jeans are never just plain skinny skinny but rather a bit slouchier skinny. And their grunge looks… I think the Italian view of grunge is all about elegant grunge, as opposed to shabby grunge.

Italian brand, DON The Fuller shows it in full (no pun)! Have a look here at some of their newest men’s jeans styles. Grungy with a flair. Distressed jeans worn with a totally ripped t-shirt and a clean cut jacket (image above). And more – available soon, stay tuned.

men's jeans
Italian Denim

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