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Let’s Talk About Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Denim

Let’s Talk About Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Denim
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To be clear about one thing: we @Denimology are not ever trying to tell you what you should or should not do, or think, or buy. Our objective is to report about anything that has to do with denim.

When it comes to our jeans, it is all about fit, style, wash, and, of course, price. As it used to be, when we first started to think about sustainable denim, the price of a pair of sustainable jeans was very high compared to regular jeans. And there was also the issue about the washes. In the beginning, sustainable jeans were all about using less water and less chemicals and the washes almost always looked a bit “off”. So, adding a not so cool wash to a higher price tag…. but this is all in the past.

Nowadays with the newest technology and the resources available, sustainably achieved denim washes are the exact same as any other. And this goes for the price tags as well. Today you can shop for sustainable jeans in exactly the same price range as any other chemically dyed jeans.

Actually, as we have learned over the past few years, there are lots of brands out there that use sustainably produced denim fabrics for most of their denim collections, but are not making any loud public announcement about this. Like Zara which has a good part of their denims manufactured in sustainable denim factories in Bangladesh. American icon brand, GAP, is also increasing their move towards sustainability, using denim fabrics from totally sustainable suppliers.

There are brands that are totally based on being 100% sustainable, and others which are using Eco-friendly and transparently made denims for their collections. Modern American and Fidelity Denim, for instance. Both brands are all about made in Los Angeles in the best Eco friendly manner.

Think of G-Star RAW, which has been using sustainable fabrics for years, if not decades. Their Elwood 3D Moto jeans have been a staple for ages.

moto jeans men
G-Star RAW Elwood 5620 3D Straight Jeans, $160

Boyish launched a few years ago with the focus on being 100% sustainable as well as 100% fashionable. If you look at their denim washes, they are just as cool and authentic looking as any other washes out there.

cropped jeans
Boyish The Billy | City Lights, $101

California based denim brand, Triarchy, started out as a regular denim brand. After a couple of years, they re-considered and stopped their production for about one year, just to re-launch again as a 100% sustainable denim brand.

Warp + Weft is about fair labor standards, Eco-friendly and sustainable practices, and is also size-inclusive.

plus size ripped jeans
Warp + Weft Vintage Hi-Rise Straight Jeans, $97

RE/DONE was originally created with the super cool concept of collecting old and used Levi’s jeans from all over the world and – as the brand name says – re-do and re-purpose them, modernize them. But nowadays they also carry jeans from their own production, swaying away from their former concept of recycling.

vintage jeans
RE/DONE Levi’s 70’s Super Crop Bootcut, $350

Reformation is all about sustainability and recycling. They include a lot of recycled clothing in all of their collections and their jeans are all made of environmental friendly materials like Tencel and Organic Cotton.

hi-rise jeans
Reformation Juliet High Straight Relaxed Jeans, $98

Let’s also mention some smaller denim brands which are limiting their collection to just a few items, believing in classic and basic denim styles that you will be wearing forever.

BLUER Denim limits its collection to just a few basic pieces and is all about sustainable and selvedge denim.

Mott & Bow is about in-house fair wage production and sustainably sourced quality denim.

men's jeans
Mott & Bow Slim Staple, $128

DSTLD is about no sweatshops, Eco-friendly fabrics, and ethical pricing.

skinny jeans men
DSTLD Skinny Jeans, $85 (available in 10 washes)

And remember, whenever you shop for anything sustainable, whenever you recycle. re-use, and opt for slow fashion, you’re doing something good for our planet.

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