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Urban Renewal Vintage Wrangler Jean

Urban Renewal Vintage Wrangler Jean
vintage jeans

Because old is the new NEW. Because we love anything vintage and vintage-related. And because we cannot resist jeans that were trendy back then and are an absolute must-have again right now. And last, but not least, vintage jeans are recyclable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

American icon denim brand, Wrangler, brought back one of their their original denim styles. Not modernized, and not re-made or adapted, but truly original. They’re the Wrangler high waisted straight leg jeans with a hint of bootcut.

As in old times, these are made of rigid 100% cotton denim. The sizing is exactly how it used to be and not standardized to today’s measurements. And for the price of $69, you cannot go wrong.

Personally, I see vintage jeans as an investment. Good stuff that will last forever…

“This item is vintage and does not follow modern sizing. For the best fit, measure your waist and order based on the below sizing
– XS: 26-27″ waist
– S: 28-29″ waist
– M: 30-31″ waist
– L: 32″ waist “

You can also check out some more vintage Wrangler styles here.


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