cropped jeans men
Balenciaga Cropped Straight Leg Jeans $250

This post is for all my dude friends that keep complaining about how men’s jeans are never any different. How “all jeans look the same”. How come there are never any exciting new styles for us guys besides the: skinny, straight, and semi baggy fit.

Um, guys you’re wrong, sorry! You’re probably not looking at the right places. How about we’re showing you here some exciting and definitely not run-of-the-mill denims!

Scroll down to find out and…

Happy Shopping!

paint splatter jeans

John Elliott The Daze Skinny-Fit Paint-Splattered Denim Jeans, $595 – a slouchy skinny fit with white paint splashes

patchwork jeans

Diesel D-Strukt slim-fit Jeans, $555 – so very Diesel!

motorcycle jeans

American Eagle AE AirFlex+ Stacked Skinny Jeans, $69.95 – motorcycle jeans with all the mandatory details

men's baggy jeans

Levi’s 570 Baggy Taper Engineered Jeans, $38.97 – don’t be afraid of too much slouch! It’s a “real” thing for the coming seasons (and RN)

rip & repair jeans men

Ovadia 004 Straight Slim Fit Jeans, $99 – beautifully distressed with rip & repair details

cropped wide leg jeans men

Société Anonyme Wide Leg Cropped Jeans, $264 – just totally eye-catching and high edge!


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