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Mid Rise? Hi-Rise? Super Hi-Rise? Sky High? Let’s Clarify!

Mid Rise? Hi-Rise? Super Hi-Rise? Sky High? Let’s Clarify!
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Before we’re going into any details, let us take this opportunity for a shout out to all denim brands and denim retailers:

Please, don’t just describe jeans as hi-rise, or super hi-rise…. we need specifications, like how high is “your” high rise. In inches and/or cm please.

And the reason for this shout-out – because online retailers are constantly telling us about the many returns they receive because of wrong or not sufficient product descriptions. “Sits low on the waist” or “Hits right below/above your navel” just doesn’t do it.

We are trying to make it easier for you by posting here examples of all the rises. Mid- high- super high- and sky high.

Attention please: don’t just let the item description of the rise mislead you. Unfortunately, most retailers and brands have a different concept of mid or high rises. Always ask for exact numbers in inches/cm.

And here’s our best advice to make your online shopping experience easier. If you’re not sure about the the jeans you’d like to buy, contact the seller. Most of the online shops do have live-chats, which makes it totally easy to communicate. And if not, it should be worth your time to email them. Better be sure of what you are buying than be disappointed later.


approx. 8.20″/20 cm to 9.5″ / 24 cm

low rise skinny jeans

DL1961 Emma Low-Rise Skinny Jeans, $99 – here’s a perfect example about the discrepancy of the product and the product description online: DL1961 defines the jeans as low rise, but on the Bloomingdale’s website it says: mid-rise 8.25″

low rise rigid denim jeans

Khaite Kyle Relaxed Low Rise Jeans, $360 – detailed product description on Shopbop: Rise: 9.5in / 24cm

low rise boyfriend jeans

Citizens of Humanity Emerson Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans, $198 – detailed product description on the COH website: Rise: 9 3/4″


approx. 10.00″/25 cm

frayed hem jeans

Denimist Joni Mid Rise, $135 Rise: 10.25in / 26cm

plus size jeans

Good American Good Legs Skinny Jeans, $99 – 10″ rise


approx: 10,5″/26 cm

mid rise straight jeans

Madewell Stove Pipe Jeans, $128, High rise 10 1/2″ – one of the best item descriptions, Madewell does specify every single detail including the strength of the stretch literally (not only in numbers but also in how it feels like)

exposed button jeans

J Brand Natasha Sky High Crop Skinny Jeans, $278, Rise: 11.5in / 29cm – technically these jeans are “only” high rise, even though the name says sky high

SUPER HIGH RISE / SKY HIGH RISE JEANS (because they’re practically the same, just with a different definition by each brand)

approx: 11.50″/29 cm – 12″/30 cm

white wide leg jeans

rag & bone Ruth Super High Rise Ultra Wide Leg Jeans, $115 – detailed description on the rag & bone website: 12″ rise


American Eagle AE Ne(x)t Level Highest Waist Jegging, $59.95, 11.75” rise – detailed description on their website including the amount of support with stretch denims

black bootcut jeans

Levi’s Ribcage Boot Jeans, $98, Rise 11.5″


  1. Both front and back rise would help a lot. I recently got a pair with an average rise of 11. What this actually meant was a 8 3/4 inch front rise and a 13 inch back rise. These seriously did not fit, coming in below my belly button in front and reaching above my waist in the back. The jeans were supposedly designed for apple shapes. The low rise in front certainly wouldn’t be flattering for an apple shape. The huge stride makes me think that they were actually cut for a pear shape with a Jennifer Lopez shape.


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